Learning Disability Care

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The Care Manager has gone above and beyond his job description for us to ensure that my children don’t miss out on school. I now have a PA from Chelmscare to enable my family to have good continuity of care”.

Miss Kearns

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Learning Disability Care

Our Learning Disabilities Care Package is designed to provide specialised care and support to help individuals with learning challenges live fulfilling and independent lives. Learning disabilities encompass a wide range of conditions that can affect a person’s ability to learn, read, write, and perform various cognitive tasks. Our aim is to address the specific needs of each individual while promoting their autonomy and well-being.

Here are key aspects of our homecare services for individuals with learning disabilities:

Dedicated Personal Care Assistant(s):

Our Personal Care Assistants has received advance training in learning disability care and has a good understanding of how the condition affects an individual intellectual ability and difficulty with everyday activities.

Personalized Care Plans:     

Our care plans are tailored to address the unique needs, strengths, and goals of each individual with a learning disability.

Daily Living Assistance:

We provide support with activities of daily living (ADLs), including dressing, grooming, bathing, and meal preparation, to promote independence.

Medication Management:

We assist with medication administration and ensuring individuals take their prescribed medications correctly.

Structured Routines:

We establish structured daily routines and visual schedules to help individuals manage their time and activities effective.

Communication Support:

We employ various communication techniques and tools to facilitate effective communication with individuals who have speech or language difficulties.

 Educational Support:

We assist with educational activities, homework, and life skills training to enhance the individual’s learning and independence.

Behavioural Management:

We implement behaviour management strategies to address any challenging behaviours associated with learning disabilities.


We encourage social interaction and participation in social activities to reduce isolation and promote social skills development.

Community Integration:

We assist individuals in engaging with their communities, participating in recreational activities, and accessing educational or vocational resources.

Emotional Support:

We provide emotional support and companionship to help individuals cope with the emotional challenges that may arise from their learning disabilities.

Assistive Technology: 

We utilise technology and adaptive aids to enhance the individual’s ability to communicate, learn, and perform daily tasks.

Skill Development:

We focus on skill development in areas such as time management, problem-solving, and self-care.

Safety Measures: 

We implement safety measures in the home environment to prevent accidents and ensure a secure living space.

Our Learning Disabilities Care Package are delivered in a person-centred manner, considering the preferences and goals of the individual. Our primary objective is to empower individuals with learning disabilities to lead as independent and fulfilling lives as possible, despite their challenges. Our Personal Care Assistants are trained in learning disability care play a critical role in promoting the well-being and self-esteem of individuals with learning disabilities and offering support to their families

What our service users say about us

Our flexible and unique approach to homecare service will enable you to receive the extra help and support you need in the comfort of your own home.

I have been disabled for near on 70 years having contracted polio when I was only 6 months old. In the last year not only have I lost my Wife but also my independence. Its no easy to accept that you need care…

Mr Powell

The Care Manager has gone above and beyond his job description for us to ensure that my children don’t miss out on school. I now have a PA from Chelmscare to enable my family to have good continuity of care”.

Miss Kearns

Chelmscare has been amazing with my husband who was a cancer patient. I couldn’t have asked for a better care company to have provided care for him They are the type of company who don’t see caring as a job but as a duty of care…

Mrs Obote